5 immediate benefits when you use Readably to Go Beyond Phonics

  • Learn to read in less time, with better fluency

  • Master precision decoding to eliminate confusion and accelerate learning

  • Learn how to simplify complex words and read them easily

  • How to build a mental map of letters and sounds for higher retention

  • Learn how the system of reading works to help read new words perfectly

Watch Intro Video

Watch this video to see how color, position, order, shape and motion show how reading works

This video is from Lesson 3. By the end of Lesson 3, your child will be able to read 50+ words*

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Everything you need to help your child learn to read like a pro

  • 12 Easy to follow lessons broken in to small chunks

  • 140 videos that connect letters and sounds

  • 40 graded practice readers to master reading fluency

  • Color coded letter tiles for precision decoding and phonemic awareness

  • 100+ activities to improve perception and retention

  • Use Readably on cellphones, tablets, computers and tv's

Multi sensory learning

Readably uses color, position, order, shape and motion for a full multi sensory immersion to go beyond phonics

Learn the skills needed to read any word – even those that have never been taught, or seen before.
Watch Intro Video

The videos give your child an experience. He'll learn to read quickly by building on each experience

Watch this video from Lesson 5 to see what we mean

What people are saying about Readably

based on 14 reviews

“Watching the videos I saw right away how the kids’ learning builds. Each lesson takes what is presented in the previous and expands on it.”

S. Shah  

“We added Readably to our primary reading program this year and the results have been extraordinary. The kids are engaged and energized about reading.”

C. Suzuki 

“We are using Readably to get our 4 year old ready for school. She asks to watch it on my phone while we’re in the car!”

N. Hale 

“Our 9 year old son was struggling to learn to read. When we came across Readably, it was so different and seemed so logical we had to try it. We’ve had amazing success, and the change we’ve seen in our son is remarkable.”

R. Davies 

“The way they use color to explain phonetics is really different.”

M. St. James 

“It’s a new paradigm for teaching reading. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

L. Colo 

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