What is Readably?

Readably is a new, 'awareness first' approach for teaching reading that supports improved perception, retention, and mental engagement for better learning. Readably's Go Beyond Phonics program is the first program ever to use color, position, order, shape, and motion to demystify complex associations between graphemes and phonemes.

How is Readably different?

  • Readably is inspired by developments in neuroscience, psychology, and educational theory.

  • Based on these developments, Readably uses color, position, order, shape and motion for a full multi sensory immersion into how reading works.

  • The multi-sensory immersion is a superior way to enable students to create a mental-map of the associations between graphemes and phonemes. This scaffolding forms the basis of the skills needed to read any word – even those that have never been taught, or seen before.

How does it work?

  • STEP 1 - Watch Videos. Students start by watching short video sequences that present an examination of how the mechanics of reading work. Videos can be watched as many times as desired. Each video presents selected grapheme-phoneme associations.

  • STEP 2 - Play with Tiles. Play with the letter tiles is essential. Awarenesses generated in the videos are transferred into action with the letter tiles. Play helps students experiment, and test their own perceptions of the differences and similarities in words and word families.

  • STEP 3 - Practice Reading. Our practice readers help develop skills for reading mastery. Readers are in black and white and are used for practice until reading skill becomes automatic. Reading fluently, expressively, similar to conversation speech is the goal.

What's included in the full program?

  • 140 short video sequences [over 6 hours of instruction]

  • 1200 new words

  • 35 new graphemes and 29 new phonemes

  • 40 practice readers

  • Multi-sensory immersion into how reading works. You will watch, listen, touch & speak for high retention

  • Bonus games and activities as you progress

Who is Readably for?

  • Readably for Beginning Readers is designed for professional teachers, reading specialists, tutors, and parents to teach reading to beginning students of any age and any skill.

  • Both teachers and parents will appreciate the comprehensive way Readably shows how sounds are combined to make words.

  • New and struggling learners will be able to systematically build on the letters and sounds introduced to gain a clear understanding of how reading works.

  • Teachers will agree that there is no other learn to read program like Readably. Parents will enjoy seeing their child become a thriving reader.

Everything is included to help you Go Beyond Phonics and learn to read like a pro in less time

  • 12 easy to follow lessons broken in to short videos and activities

  • 140 videos that connect letters and sounds

  • 40 progressive practice readers to master reading fluency

  • Color coded letter tiles for precision decoding

  • 100+ activities to improve perception and retention

  • Use Readably on cellphones, tablets, computers and tv's